The Mini’s


There is a current wave of miniaturized console and computer systems available.
I currently own three of them and I will discuss here along with a short (perhaps) review of each of these little machines.
The first one I purchased was Thec64mini. Because it is difficult and perhaps expensive to import a real one and be able to use the power adapter, i opted for the mini.
Now, it would of been greater and of course more authentic to get the full sized, keyboard functional version but I am seriously under-budget so, alas,Thec64mini is my only choice – for the time being anyway.
The next mini I picked up was the Sega Megadrive mini. I initially felt at home with it. It included a great range of games and the option to change the language of these. The controllers also feel quite like the original to me.
My most recent acquisition is the The Sony PlayStation classic which also feels quite like the original except the CD lid isn’t functional. It does include a decent amount of games but, like many have said, some of these games don’t really represent the greatness of the large collection of games that is available for the original.

The C64mini
Sega Megadrive Mini
Sony Playstation Classic

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