NEC PC Engine SuperGrafx


A friend actually gave me one of these beauties for free!
An NEC PC Engine Supergrafx! I had to use a Sega power supply as Australian power is different to Japan and the US. Also, my TV at the time was PAL only so i had to play it in black and white until I finally invested in a multi system television.
I can’t remember exactly when except it was in the early ’90s along with a few games mainly Daimakaimura.
Below you will find a list of the games which I had.
HU stands for Hu-card, which was the typcical cartridge used in the PC Engine.
GX will refer to Supergrafx specific titles.
Also, I have used the English Turbo Grafx titles or the commonly known English title if the Turbo Grafx version doesn’t exist.
SG games are only compatible with the Supergrafx console, not playable on a standard PC Engine or the overseas version called the Turbo Grafx.
The PC Engine mini does include some SG, along with CD-Rom titles including Daimakamura.
Hopefully in the near future I will get myself a PC Engine mini to review.
I hope to post some reviews of the following games along with any memories i have of them as well. Please look forward to those!

TYPENAME (Japanese)NAME (English)
SGバトルエースBattle Ace
HUならず者戦略部隊ブラーディウルフBloody Wolf
SG大魔界村Ghouls ‘n Ghosts
HUドラえもん 迷宮大作戦Cratermaze
HUドラゴンスピリットDragon Spirit
HUニンジャウォーリアーズNinja Warriors
HUR-Type IR-Type I
HU最後の忍道Ninja Spirit
HUTHE功夫China Warrior

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