Before multi-cartridge consoles, Handhelds ruled the school. That is literal speak! At my high school, Game & Watches and other handhelds were status symbols.
My actual first handheld was an electronic game called Space Invaders / Blockbuster.
It only displayed red LED dots and had 2 modes: one was a space invaders type game and the other was a breakout style game.
I adored it so much. My father bought it for me and when I broke the battery sensors, he somehow managed to fix it with aluminum foil.
The following pages will outline some of the portable games Yuko and I had and also still have! Yuko still has a lovely collection of classics and some rare games that I have never seen before; probably because they were Japan-only releases.
We will also talk more recent portables we have such as the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Portable.

Please enjoy!


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