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We like games! New games and old. Yuko plays a lot of games on her tablet whereas I am a fan of older games and prefer those. We will showcase some of the games like and introduce you to some of the systems we owned or played in our youth.
Pat played tons of coin-op machines. Maybe if he hadn’t spent so many 20¢ Australian coins and collected them, he could have probably have owned a car! – Well, maybe not..
Yuko, however never played them and was very good! Maybe that’s why she is more careful on the money side of things.
In the 8-bit era, we respectively owned computers, namely a Commodore 64 and an NEC PC 6001. On the console side of things, we have had machines made by Nintendo and Sega. As for handhelds, Game & Watch and other portable games.
Later on, we naturally moved towards the PC and Macs.  Consoles by the fore-mentioned Sega and Nintendo and then others by Sony and Microsoft.
Lately, we often play games on our iPads. We will look at only some of these games as there are just too many to mention as new games seem to appear on the iPad and Android based devices every day.
Please enjoy!



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