One night, my Dad bought home a Black & White TV game console. I have fairly vague memories of it but it was made by Tempest. It included 2 controllers and 2 plastic toy guns to shoot boxes or whatever.
It came with a few packed-in games – most of which were variations on the popular Pong game by Atari and some shooting games which made use of the fore-mentioned toy guns.
It wasn’t until around 1982 or 1983 until I got my first real game console… The ColecoVision.

In this section on PY Kobo Games, we will get into the game consoles that we had in our youth and those we currently possess. Yuko still has all the consoles she and her family had over time.

We will also cover the modernized “miniaturized” versions of some of these consoles which we have bought.

Please enjoy!

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